It Was A Normal Christmas Celebration Until The Family Members Did This…

Christmas is the perfect holiday for many of us; we get to meet our friends and family members after a long time, and everyone cherishes these moments for eternity. This incident happened in 2013 when Jamie’s boyfriend did something surprising during Christmas. Jamie, her boyfriend, and family members all had various custom designed T-shirts on, and they posed for a picture in such a way that it said “Merry X-Mas,” but soon that message changed to “Marry Me,” where her boyfriend proposed Jamie at the moment!

1. Initially, the way they lined up, it read “Merry Xmas.”

2. And then they changed their positions within a few seconds.

3. But now, instead of “Merry Xmas,” as you can see the message was “Marry Me”!

4. In case you are wondering what this meant, this was a surprise that was planned by Jamie’s boyfriend and family members for her on Christmas.

5. Jamie didn’t notice this since she was sitting next to her boyfriend.

6. But she was stunned when she looked at the picture!

Watch the video below to know more! Isn’t it great that Jamie’s boyfriend surprised her this way and possibly gave her one of the greatest gifts in her lifetime on Christmas? Let us know what you think about this. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.


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