SERIOUSLY? Mom refuses to break window of her BMW to save her son from HEAT because it was too expensive to damage! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Online rage after mother declines to break her BMW window to save her 3 years old son.

A lady’s refusal to break the window of her BMW to safeguard her three-year-old child, who was caught inside, has prompted outrage on online networks in China after it was found that she didn’t act since she would not like to harm her BMW.

The incidence, which occurred in the city of Yiwu on Saturday, alot people crowded around the vehicle, when they heard the baby crying.

People desperately tried to rescue kid clawing at the car window. but kid’s mom was simply remaining by the side doing nothing.

Even though people and firefighters encouraging her to break the window to help the kid she demanded that she would rather sit tight for a mechanic to arrive and open the window, said an observer.

But, as the kid’s situation started to get bad, the firefighters took control of the situation and and broke the window.

“It is extremely risky to leave kids inside BWM, particularly in such a hot condition. The temperature inside the auto can raise in short time and cause damage to child’s life.” Zhejiang Online cited a firefighter as saying.

The incident has caused outrage on the web, with numerous individuals stunned at the lady’s activities.

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