While using a single occupancy restroom at Starbucks a mom noticed her 5 year-old son staring underneath the sink looking perplexed when he asked her, “Mommy why is there a phone under there?” The mom said her skin began to crawl..

Woman And Her Son Stopped at Starbucks.. [VIDEO IN LAST PAGE]

Camera Not Found, if it Wasn’t For Her Son

The mom looked under the sink and saw a phone with its lens facing the toilet, it was propped up with paper towels. The victim said that although the bathroom was small, she wouldn’t have seen the camera if it wasn’t for her little son.



Starbucks Located in Lancaster California

The Starbucks they’d been visiting was in Lancaster CA, on Aveune 10 and 10th St. West. The woman was shocked to find the hidden camera inside a public bathroom, she said: “It’s such a violation of privacy. . . Not only of mine, but my son.”

The Lancaster Police Arrive At The Scene

The woman didn’t touch the phone, but when police arrived they found the camera’s video was running. Lt. Joseph Fender mentioned: “The deputies discovered that the cellphone was running in a video-recording motion.” The police have surveillance video from the location, but they didn’t mention what the contents of the video on the phone was at the time. . . and they have no suspects.”

Starbucks Makes A Statement

Starbucks has indicated that they’re doing everything to get to the bottom of the situation: “We are disturbed by this incident and take our obligation to provide a safe environment for our customers and partners (employees) very seriously.”

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