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Loving Couples Married For 77 Years Hold Hands As They Pass Away

Maintaining a long term relationship is tough, and breakups are really common nowadays. But this old couple has shown what true love really means.

1. The Beautiful Couple

In today’s world, hook-ups are the primary trend rather than spending a lifetime with only one partner. Nowadays, when young people watch other older couples who have spent almost their entire lives with each other, they can’t help but wonder how they have achieved this fantastic feat. If someone wants the perfect relationship goals, one should look at their grandparents’ lives to get an example.
This article is about a beautiful couple who have spent almost their entire lives together and even stayed with one another at the time of death.

2. Relationship Goals

These pictures were posted on Reddit by one of the users. In case you are thinking how they are related, they are her grandparents. They have spent 77 years together, and even while passing away they held their hands together. Many people posted rather negative comments on the post, but most of them were positive.
Everyone has to die at some point in time, but if you can die with someone you love the closest to you, nothing is more precious than that feeling.

3. Nothing is more important than love

You obviously need food and water to stay alive, but other than that, the heart only craves for love. When you have a partner who makes your life complete and gives you a purpose to live, you couldn’t have asked for anything more.

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