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Mom Of 3 Was Famous For Tanning Herself To A Crisp. 4 Years Later, She Looks So Different

The Food and Drug Administration has said that every year, approximately 30 million Americans use tanning beds indoors. And tanning has been linked to more than 400,000 cases of skin cancer every year.


1. This story is about a mother named Patricia Krentcil, who, in 2012, was accused of bringing her 5 year old daughter to a tanning booth. She was addicted to tanning beds, and actually hit the news headlines as well. This addiction is known as “tanorexia”.


2. The school officials noticed burns on her daughter’s legs, and as a result she was charged with child endangerment. However, the charges were later dropped, but the peculiar appearance of Patricia gave her the nickname “Tan Mom” and made her famous within a short time span.


3. Patricia is 48 years old nowadays, and has three children. She lives in Nutley, New Jersey and her appearance is completely different. She is no longer addicted to tanning but her appearance has completely changed.


4. Her family was extremely concerned about her health, so she finally gave up tanning. She also said that tanning was her addiction and it was a mistake. In addition to this, she also revealed a dark secret to the public which was probably responsible for her odd behavior and self-destructive patterns.


5. We hope that Patricia is able to recover easily. You can know the secrets and how she got addicted to tanning from the video below.

6. Watch the video below to know more.


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