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Boy’s Devastated When He is Outbid For Late Father’s Car. Then Man In The Hat Hands Him The Keys

Anyone whose family members serve in the line of duty – irrespective of whether they are in the police force or military, has always feared about their safety. They always tell us that nothing will go wrong, but of course the truth is sometimes things do go wrong.


Meet Tanner Brownlee, a young man, who has experienced a similar situation, since his father used to worke in the police force.


Tanner’s father died in 2010 during a dangerous police chase. Losing someone close to you is always heart-breaking, but when that person is your father, you can only realise how difficult it was for Tanner to handle that situation.
His life completely changed after this incident, and gradually over the years, he has managed to get himself and his life together again.
He wanted to keep his father’s memories alive, so he decided to buy his squad car, which would be sold at an auction.


Tanner didn’t have the money to buy it himself, so he started a campaign on GoFundMe. He was surprised to find that people from all over the world donated to help him buy his father’s squad car. He was able to raise 12,500$ at the end.
However, he was still not sure whether that amount would be enough to buy the car in the auction. However, he was confident and kept on bidding, but ultimately the amount became too much. A man standing at the back outbid him.


Tanner was sure that he could never fulfil his dream of bringing him his dad’s squad car. But what happened next completely shocked him and the others around him. The man who outbid him, came up to get the keys but he then handed it over to Tanner!

5. Watch the video below to know more.


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