This article is mainly aimed towards men who are getting married. Don’t get selfish on your wedding night – you should definitely enjoy but don’t forget about your wife. Here is how you can keep her satisfied, since these are the top 5 things that women expect from their partners on the first nights.

1. Kissing

Many men make the mistake of directly jumping to sex, but that’s not right. You should first set the m00d, and kissing her slowly is how you begin that.

2. Caressing

You shouldn’t jump into the act straight away, start by caressing her body first.

3. Naughty Vows

You will obviously take your vows in the altar, but after that you could try taking some naughty vows with her, vows that no one other than you two will know about.

4. Don’t forget to compliment her.

You should always tell her how beautiful she looks and don’t forget to compliment her from time to time.

5. Laughter

Don’t stay serious all the time, make her laugh if you can.

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