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Model Reveals A Simple Trick To Find If A Woman Has Had Her Front Implants

Almost every woman prefers having a bigger front, and they will do almost nothing to achieve this. Some women are quite lucky to have been born with a big bust, but others who have a flat chest pay for implants to achieve the same effect.

Checking whether a woman has fake implants can be quite difficult, but there is a simple trick to know just that. Read on to know how you can do this yourself easily.

1. It is no more a secret.

A Thai model has shown how anyone can check if a woman has implants.

2. Her name is WichoodaCheychom and she is from Lopburi Province.

She posted a video on YouTube to show how to detect fake breasts, and you would be surprised she taught this trick using her own breasts only.

3. Here is what you need.

You only need a mobile phone, and nothing else to perform this test.

4. She turned on the flashlight on her phone and then turned off the lights in the room.

Wichooda first turned off all lights in the room and then turned on the flashlights on her mobile phone. She took two such phones and pressed them against the side of the breasts.

5. And there it is!

You can see that those implants glow brightly in the dark due to the flashlights.

6. This happens because silicon glows in the dark.

Silicone absorbs lights, and hence glows in the dark. That is what is happening in the video and that is why the implants glowed so brightly without any light source.

7. The video has gone viral on YouTube and social media!

This video got over five million views only after a week of posting it on YouTube.

8. You can check the video below.


Hopefully, you will find this useful in the future. But considering implants are dangerous and one of the main causes of breast cancer, would you still opt for them?
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