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Guy Tricked Girls To Film Fake AduIt Videos With Him, Then He Blackmailed Them For

Casting couch often happens in real life, and people who want to get into television shows and films often are deceived by such schemes.

This phenomenon has seen a sharp increase in the last few years, and women are the main victims. Here we present a perfect example – a man tricks women to film aduIt videos with him and sleep with him, by promising them money and fame in the future. But later he starts blackmailing them. Read on to know more.

1. One man from Missouri pulled a trick on dozens of girls and forced them to have intercourse with him.

He told them that he was filming for foreign porn movies, and then compelled to sleep with him multiple times.

2. A wedding photographer by profession, he ran a real life ‘casting couch auditions’ scheme.

Mario Ambrose Antoine is a wedding photographer by profession, who chose the path of blackmail and fraudulency to have interc0urse with other women, otherwise he threatened to send the videos to their family members and release the videos online.

3. He faked his credentials when reaching out to women.

Several women in the Kansas City, Missouri fell victim to this scam. He said that he was shooting for a fake video and promised to give them thousands of dollars in return.

4. Learn how he used to lure women.

Mario gave his promise to the women that the recordings won’t be released ever. He told them that this was only an audition and started having sex with women on camera. He even told them that they should get their money via check in their mailbox soon, but of course that money never arrived.

5. One of the girls contacted him when she didn’t get her payment after several months.

He then sent the video to her boyfriend and told him that her girlfriend is involved in the aduIt industry.

6. At the moment, the wedding photographer has several cases filed against him.

His federal counts are more than 21, including extortion, cyber stalking which can land him in jail for more than 300 years if he is proved to be guilty in court.

7. He has done this earlier as well.

This isn’t the first time he has followed such a scheme. He has been charged in the past as well for defrauding others.

8. Here is what one of the women who was a victim of this scheme said.

“I knew in my mind that he was lying. He owes me a lot of money, and then he began to blackmail me. I am really happy that his scheme has been brought to the eyes of the police.”

9. He even compelled them to film with him again.

He used to blackmail these girls by re-filming and forking over 9000$. He even threatened them to post the videos online if they didn’t comply with him.

10. Antoine is held in custody at the moment.

His court date has already been scheduled and hopefully he will get a long term punishment for his actions.

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