Truly Weird Facts About Trump’s Kids

#1 Ivanka Trump Has Has A Crazy Career

She’s done it all – from being a model to a best-selling writer, and even creating her own brand. This all happened before she turned 35.

#2 Ivanka Trump Converted To Judaism

Ivanka Trump is actually a Jew. She converted when she married her husband, Jared Kushner. She says being an orthodox Jew has instilled strong family values in her everyday life.

#3 Tiffany Trump Is Instagram Famous

Tiffany Trump, the youngest daughter of Donald, has a huge following on Instagram. Her instagram is “tiffanytrump.

#4 Tiffany Even Released Her Own Pop Song

Tiffany wants to be a pop singer one day. Her first single “Like A Bird,” is out now.

#5 Tiffany Got An Internship At Vogue

Tiffany also has her eyes on a career in the fashion world. She has landed an internship through Vogue magazine, a position that is extremely sought after.

#6 Barron Trump Has His Own Floor At The Trump Mansion

Barron Trump, who at ten years of age is Donald’s youngest child, has his very own floor at the Trump mansion. He isn’t that spoiled though, as both his parents insist on raising him themselves, without relying on a nanny.

#7 Eric Trump Seems Like A Decent Guy

Eric Trump is only 31 but he’s accomplished a lot in his life. He made Forbes magazine’s “30 under 30” list in real estate. He has also donated over 28 million dollars to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.Source

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