Barron Trump Becomes An Instant Meme After He Was Caught Feeling Sleepy During His Daddy’s Speech

Barron Trump became a quick hit on the social media for finding it really hard to stay awake and failing to do so during his dad’s speech as the 45th president of America.

The helpless guy could not just keep his facial expressions intact and gave way to people talking about his unamused stance while standing right next to his dad while he delivered his speech after being elected as the 45th President of America.

The poor thing couldn’t keep his facial expressions in check and gave way to people picking on his unamused stance while standing next to his daddy as the latter delivered his first speech as the President Elect.

Barron tried really hard to keep his two eyes open, made faces that obviously didn’t go unnoticed, while probably envisioning the comfort his bed provides him all the time.





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