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These Teenage Girls Were Just Taking A Selfie.. Instead They Captured Something Terrifying In The Background!

I am sure that you have been exposed to several scary ghost stories till date. And even though ghosts are usually considered a relatively common phenomenon, it is still quite mysterious since we still don’t have an explanation for this.

The following incident took place at the Rizal High School at the Philippines, one of the most populated schools in the world. It even got into Guinness Book of World Records in the year 1993

Take a look at the pictures below carefully taken by some students of this school. You will notice that they are not alone.


1. A picture of the school’s main entrance.

2. Can you see that woman at the back in the picture?

That woman was not there when the picture was taken – these things fall under the category for which even science has no explanation.

3. She looks terrifying.

I am wondering what I might have done if I faced a similar scenario, I would have probably fainted out of fear.

4. This can give anyone a heart attack.

I am sure even you can see her in the picture clearly.

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