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Wife Finds Out Her Husband Has Sidechick, Then Writes an Angry ‘Thank You’ Letter to Her!

#1 Infidelity

No one likes a cheater — especially when you’re married. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and this wife’s Facebook post is just the most prime example of that!

#2 Thanks

The wife, Melanie found out that her husband was cheating on her with a woman named Jennifer. Her note to her started off with a capricious “thank you.” Then she begins her list…

#3 Finances

She lists the things that his mistress will have to get used to if she should choose to stay with him. The first one revolves around money!

#4 Revenge

Revenge was sweet for her and she “damaged” a few of his things after learning about his infidelity.

#5 Tweakers?

She even has visitation already planned out. To her, every other weekend is gonna be a chore for both of them!

#6 TMI?!

She even points out that his junk may not even work properly after all! She puts him on blast with his nerve damage injury that affected his performance.

#7 Finally…

Now, this is the bitter woman we expect to hear. “I’ll make sure to take up as much of his time with the pettiest shit… to spite you,” her post reads. This woman is out for blood! That should be a lesson to all of us to stay loyal to those who are loyal to us!Source

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