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Freaky People You Wont Believe Exist

What do you mean by freaky? Something that creeps you out, scares you or completely surprises you. Well, here we present top 15 freaky men and women in the world. Some of them even hold records in the Guinness Book for their unique qualities.

1. Billy Owen

Billy Owen is a professional zombie actor. He has lost his right eyeball due to cancer, but that hasn’t stopped him from enjoying life. But you have to admit that it is indeed creepy, and unless you know that he is a cancer survivor, seeing him is probably going to freak you out.

2.Michele Koebke

Michele is from Germany and has the world’s smallest waist – spanning a measly 16 inches in total. So if you have a small belt that you no longer use, you could probably give it to her.

3. Kim Goodman

Kim Goodman is able to pop out her eyeballs like an absolute crazy person – just make sure she doesn’t stare at you for a long period of time!

4. Tom Staniford

Tom is a para-cyclist from England, who suffers from MDP syndrome, an extremely rare disease. And by rare, we mean only 8 people in the history of the planet has suffered from this condition. Even then, Tom is a very talented cyclist.

5. Abigail & Brittany Hensel

As you can see from the picture, it’s quite difficult to say whether Abigail & Brittany Hensel are one woman or two. Their anatomy is rather complicated, they have 2 hearts, 3 lungs, along with 3 kidneys(two on one side, but only one on the other), 2 stomachs, but only 1 large and 1 small intestine.
Now that is really creepy, and they have actually very different personalities with their own likes and dislikes. However, here’s the surprising thing – the other person can “feel” what the other person is thinking about. They are medically known as dicephalic parapraxis (conjoined) twins.

6. Valeria “Barbie Girl” Lukyanova

Valeria Lukyanova was born in Moldova and is famous all over the world as the “Barbie Girl” or “The Human Barbie.” However, she wasn’t born like this, she spent a lot of money to get into this shape.
The Barbie-like face is achieved via contact lenses and makeup, while she had breast enhancement surgery. Also, her diet and workout are customized to provide her this slim boy. She also absolutely hates the “Human Ken” (Justin Jedlica).

7. Robert “Pony Boy” Huddleston

Robert was born in 1895 and used to travel for 35 years with the slideshow. His nickname was Pony Boy. As you can see from the picture, his walking style was quite peculiar, which made people think that he was in extreme pain. However, the truth is that he was quite fit and had no problems whatsoever. He passed away in the year 1970.

8. Aneta “She-Hulk” Florczyk

Do you know who the strongest man in the world is? Mostly men from Iceland, such as Hafthor Bjornsson. Now, what about the strongest woman in the world? That title goes to a Polish Strongwoman, Aneta Florczyk. As you can see from her picture, she doesn’t look like a typical female because she is trying to increase her strength as much as possible, which also means increasing her body size. She is also great at rolling cooking pans! This means she is able to roll a metal frying pan just with her hands, and she is fast too. Her record is 5 in a minute!

9. Rolf Buchholz

Rolf Buchholz is from Germany, who currently holds the world record for the most number of piercings done. He has around 450 piercings in his body, and here’s a fun fact, around 250 of those are near his genitals. Must be painful. Dubai recently prevented him from entering where he was going to attend a nightclub freak show because people were scared to see him and thought that he practised black magic.

10. Jocelyn “Cat Lady” Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildensteincomes from a middle-class family, however, after just one date with a wealthy man, she decided to lead an extravagant life. She got married to Alec Wildenstein, a famous art dealer, and billionaire. Alec was quite obsessed with tigers and other big cats just like many other billionaires, and Jocelyn began having numerous plastic surgeries at this point to find out how a human cat hybrid would look like. She is quite happy with the results herself, and we should say she has succeeded as well.

11. Chandra Bahadur Dangi

Chandra Bahadur Dangi was the shortest man in history. He passed away a few years ago. He is from Nepal, and his height is 1 ft and 9.5 inches. He even got the opportunity to meet Jyoti Amge, the smallest woman in the world, who is from Nagpur, India. Chandra was 75 at this time of death.

12. Jasmine “Total Recall” Tridevil

No that third breast in the picture is not natural, it was added surgically by Jasmine Tridevil. Doesn’t this remind you of Total Recall? Fortunately, this is not a natural phenomenon and probably is never going to happen naturally.

13. Francisco Domingo Joaquim

Francisco Domingo Joaquim from Angola literally has a really big mouth. Actually, it’s the biggest in the world at the moment. Seeing this picture where he opens his mouth and stretches his lips, we can’t help but think that he would be great as a zombie!

14. Mandy Sellars

Many Sellars was born with a genetic disorder due to which her logs continue growing even though the rest of her body had normal growth. Her legs are so heavy now, it is extremely difficult for Mandy to walk and she has to use crutches to move around. Recently, she had a part of the left leg and moved around in a wheelchair, but then that left leg again started growing.

15. Lucky Diamond Rich

Lucky Diamond Rich is from New Zealand, and currently, holds the record for the most number of tattoos on a person’s body. He has tattoos on literally his entire body. If you sum up the entire time he had to sit in the tattoo artist’s chair, it will come to around 40 days!

16. Nick Stoeberl

17. Julia “The Illustrated Lady” Gnuse

18. Dede “Tree Man” Koswara

19. Burma’s Tribal Women

20. Melvin Boothe

21.Female Body Builders

22. Gary Turner

23. Jyoti Amge

24. Sultan Kosen

25. Grace “Mule Face Woman” McDaniels

26. Vijay “Elastic Man” Sharma

27. Asha “Rapunzel” Mandela

28. Ram Singh Chauhan

29. Mikel “Datass” Ruffinelli

30. Byron Schlenker

31. Kristina “Duckface” Rei

32. Tran Van Hay

33. Charity “Just One More Bite” Pierce

34. Gail “Parliament In The Buff” Porter

35. Mayra “Mountain Dew” Hills


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