Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

Bank Deposits $4.6 MILLION Into Girl’s Account By Mistake. She Spends $3.3M, And Then…

#1 Meet Christine Jiaxin Lee

Christine Jiaxin Lee is a 21-year-old woman who moved from Malaysia to Australia. She was on a student visa.

#2 Huge Mistake

One day, the bank made a huge mistake. They accidentally transferred 4.6 million dollars into her account!

#3 She Failed To Report It

Instead of contacting the authorities, she got greedy. She took the money for herself.

#4 Her Plan

Her plan was to transfer $5,000 a day to private accounts all across Australia. She hoped this would let her take the money without arousing suspicion.

#5 Her Spending

She also bought TONS of designer purses. Maybe she was planning to sell them?

#6 The Bank Found Out

However, after spending 3.3 million dollars, the banks found out who she was and sent the cops after her. She was soon caught.

#7 Now She’s In Lockup

Now she’s probably going to be deported. Her visa is being reviewed and she’s already gone to court.Source

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