Nobody knows why a human being becomes a serial killer, after all, why would someone enjoy hurting and murdering others. Psychologists are quite interested to know how their minds work, and how different it is from normal human beings. Also, the fact that they all have their own unique styles is quite surprising.

This article will describe how the first “serial killer family” of America went on a murdering spree, where every family member was a serial killer. Read on to know more.


1. This is the Bender Family

There were two adults in the family – John Bender and Elvira Bender who were married and had two kids – Kate and John Jr.

2. Their house was located in Labette County in Kansas.

They also owned an inn along with a general store from 1871 to 1873.

3. The family was accused of murdering over 10 people in those couple of years.

As you can probably expect, the family killed those people at their inn.

4. Their style of murder was rather unique.

They provided the seat of honor to the guest during the meal time.

5. There was a trap door beneath the seat at the table.

John would use a hammer to pulverize the person, while the throat was slit by another member.

6. The victims were kept below the trap door.

Later at night, when it was dark, they would move the bodies outside to bury them.

7. What’s surprising the Bender family members are probably not even an actual family?

While John was supposed to be from Germany, Elvira was married several times before him. People believe she used to kill her husbands before John.

8. John Jr. was probably married to Kate, and they were not siblings.

However, the fact that Kate was actually Elvira’s daughter is true.

9. People initially accused the Osage people of the disappearances of so many people from the town.

But, people became suspicious when the Bender family disappeared without a trace, as soon as the serious investigation began.

10. Eleven bodies, along with the trap door, were finally found by the officials.

You can imagine how shocked everyone was after hearing this news.

11. People don’t know anything about the whereabouts of the Bender family after the disappearance.

It is possible that they began murdering others too in a different place.

12. Some believe the Bender family took on a new identity somewhere else.

Some even think that the members separated afterward but there is no evidence supporting this theory.

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