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This Dress Is Breaking The Internet Again, Destroys Relationships This Time

We are talking about the white and gold/ black and blue dress here if you still haven’t guessed. Let’s take a look at this dress on its own broke several relationships!

1. Remain at college

People don’t want to be near you if you think that the dress is white and gold. Its almost as if the people who are supporters of the black and blue feel insulted by this.

2. Won’t change their minds

These people seem to be really confident of their opinions, I am sure they will become very successful in the future.

3. Friendship broken

If you disagree with me regarding the colour, you need to consult a doctor. I can no longer be friends with you.

4. But should FU be used in this context?

These people are so sure that they can’t even think anyone sane can think of the other option.

5. Insane

Why are people wasting so much time on this?


One more truth is revealed – he loves Frodo more. This relationship is officially over.

7. I don’t see you ever again.

People are thinking their friends are crazy, leading to breakups all around.

8. You are dead.

Well if a person can’t distinguish a colour properly, he might as well be dead.

9. Video

This looks rather shocking.

10. Adoption secret out.

Amanda was adopted – even family secrets are getting revealed just because of this dress. Really hard to believe this!

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