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Haunted House Workers Share The Most Bizarre Thing They’ve Seen On The Job.

Some people believe in ghosts, paranormal activities etc. while others believe these are nothing imaginations of the human mind. However, if you experience something like this yourself, it is really difficult to not believe in these afterwards. I personally fall in the former group, and I have had some personal experiences as well. And I am rather interested in listening to paranormal experiences of others as well.
A similar question was posted on AskReddit recently, and here are the top weird and bizarre experiences as posted by people who used to work at haunted houses.


I worked a haunted house in college. I was one of the people who hid behind things and jumped out right after the lights came on, so people were light-blind and startled.

This one time a kid was walking through with his mom, and I heard him whisper something. She said “Okay sweetie” and he took his pants and underwear off in the middle of his maze-like warehouse haunted house and dropped them in a corner.

Pulled out another pair and helped him put it on. Continued along the path, leaving the pants in the corner.

He defecated in his pants and she just left them there …

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I used to work in a haunted house; I was made up to look like a corpse in what looked like a locked cage-style grave, but the chain was layered so it didn’t actually connect the door to the side. I was dressed in a winding sheet spattered with fake blood, with a wig disguising my hair and FX makeup covering any exposed skin, I am very, very good at being still. People would get right up to where my hand was sticking out of the bars, jumping and shrieking when I sat up and reached for them – but the real fun started when that cage swung open! People would freak out then – one guy in particular.

This big, burly dude was right up beside the door when I reached up and swung it open and as soon as he figured out I could, in fact, get out of my ‘cage’ and come for him, he let out a scream and ran so fast he went through one of our temporary walls like something out of a cartoon.


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Worked in a haunted attraction for 5 years and one comes to mind.

I played a stereotypical evil genius doctor in a scene with other actors. The basic layout is you would enter the hospital, get on an elevator (fake), go down a toxic hallway, and finally meet me. The walls were thin and made of plywood.

I remember one night – Group walks in already screaming. I think “Awesome, easy scare and easy group!” They step in the elevator and lose it. I hear them run out the elevator and toward the hall. I get ready in my normal position. I would stand behind the door to my office and scare people out of the scene – this didn’t happen.

This group crashes through the wall. I scream like a little girl – which scares them more! They run through another wall! At this point, I just want them out to get my scene back in order. But then another actor from another scene shows up at the exit with a chainsaw. The groups run through their makeshift doors back through my scene. We had to then scare them back through the scene to get them to move on.

People were banned from bringing chainsaws in my scene after that.

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I used to work at a haunted house. It was relatively small and only had maybe 100 or so visitors a night.

• An old man was screaming and lost his dentures. We had to turn on all of the lights to help him find it. It was a funny sight seeing 20 employees dressed as various monsters and ghosts looking for his dentures.

• An 8 year kid pooped himself. It was so bad that the entire building stunk. After about an hour or so, we had to put a “closed for maintenance” sign up so we can eradicate the smell. And on top of that, it turned out it was diarrhea. There was a liquid poop trail that traveled through 75% of the haunted house.

• We have strobe lights towards the end of our building with a mirror maze. It’s honestly really easy to navigate but the darkness + strobe + mirrors makes it a little disorienting. A guy started to panic and tried kicking THROUGH the mirrors in a desperate attempt to escape. He cut his leg all up and had to go to the hospital for treatments. That was a hefty bill for our insurance company.

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I worked a haunt one year and was set up in a butcher room. I had a pig mask and a table saw (no one cared where the saw sound was coming from, just that it was loud and scary), but the best part was the guy missing part of his arm working my room. He had lost a portion of his arm right below the elbow (still had his elbow, and about 2 inches of forearm). He’d sit on the floor, and prop a fake severed arm near his stump, and pretend to be cutting through his arm with a knife.
Attendees could hear “almost there… almost there…” as they walked into the room. Once he grabbed the fake arm with his good hand, and started waving the stump, I’d see full grown men push their girlfriends and wives away and run at full speed. It was hilarious.

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I was working as a slide safety operator at The Beast haunted house in Kansas City and my job was mostly just being in the open and make sure people are being safe, I was still in costume but for the most part they just wanted me to make sure everything was okay. These three 10 to 12 year old “tough guys” come down the slide and by the time the third gets down the others try to sneak up behind me scare me. I’m at this point bent over checking the slide so I just wait 2 seconds stand up to my full height turn around so I am literally lording over them and I had taken a huge lungful of air and just let out the most terrifying sound I’ve ever made in my life. (lost my voice for at least an hour.) two of them just drop to the floor one of them starts crab walking backwards right into Jack the Ripper who was in my area as the main scare, needless to say I still think that he has stains in his underwear to this day.

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I work as a maze attendant at a very big theme park haunt in the Midwest. We’ve only been open for 4 weekends and I’ve already seen…

-A kid who thought farting into a fog machine was a good idea

-A drunk guy who grabbed an actor and licked them (we had to chase him out of the park)

-people who breathe in the fake fog thinking it’ll get them high

-I’ve been trampled at least once a night by terrified teenagers

-people who try to scare the actors (let me tell you, that never ends well)

-people who punch the actors (the actors have whistles they blow when that happens and it scares the living daylight out of whoever’s punching them)

-this one girl who got so scared she started to tickle the actor

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Worst thing I witnessed while working in one, aside from the typical piss/feces/vomit, was this one time towards the end of our run (we would go for about 4-5 hrs a night if it was busy, reset times in between groups was exhausting!) some really horrible kids came through kicking the sets and props and trying to hit some of the actors. One of the girls, B, had her own room in which she sat in a really dark corner on a metal barrel. She would normally scare people by rattling it or knocking a stick against it to get their attention, but in doing this, this one time, these kids ran over to her and started laughing and trying to choke her out.

We only found out about it because the next group that followed these kids found B passed out on the floor. Security grabbed those kids and the police came and took them away, not sure what happened to them. But B ended up having to go to hospital and didn’t return for the rest of the season which was sad, because despite her scare being very simple it was so good at getting people moving through the corridor. It was a terrible night.

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I worked at the Markoff’s Haunted Forest in Maryland which is widely regarded as one of the best Haunted attractions on the East Coast. It has 2 paths the go winding through the forest filled with different scenes and props ranging from Church basements, to a creepy monkey village, to just narrow pitch black tunnels you navigate by feel. I was in the church basement scene this night and I had a sweet spot where none of the lights touched making it pitch black. People would walk up to me suspicious that someone would be there, but it really was pitch black. They would feel reassured because they were so close they would HAVE to see someone if they were there, but nope hey it’s me. Tons of great scares.

The trails are always busy from ~8 pm to ~1 am, but this night there was a strange gap of no people for roughly 30 minutes. That never happens. Finally a family came along, 2 teen girls and their parents. I got these girls good. Real good. Like I could see the imminent death in their eyes good. Then after they passed it was another 30 minute pause of people only to have the normal flow of people return.

Later on we found of that it was the Obama girls going through the trails with secret service acting as their parents. No one was told ahead of time for security reasons obviously and we only learned after the fact. The gaps of people were to allow them to slip in and enjoy the trail without anyone else having the opportunity to realize who they were and interrupt them. So I got to scare the hell out of the Obama girls. That was cool.

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My sister worked at a haunted house one year, when my twin brothers were 13 and the little one was 11. I was 20. The twins invited a couple of girls from school to go with us, with the hopes that they would get some clingy scared girls on their arms.

I was taller. They clung to me, a woman. The twins were not pleased.

The last scene was the one our sister was in. She’s built like a linebacker, and the littlest brother was teeny. So, we’re on a bridge through a black tunnel, with the walls splattered with blacklight paint, and actors in paint-splattered black morphsuits start edging towards us. Freaky stuff. Sister is one of them, and she leans over the railing and grabs our youngest brother and drags him off into the scene.

The two girls flip out and bolt. We find them outside, sobbing on one of the security guards that this kid got eaten by a set piece. Then the little one comes around the corner. The girls start fawning all over him, making sure he has all of his limbs, and he’s looking directly at the twins with the biggest grin I have ever witnessed.

I was never so proud of my siblings.

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Worked at a haunted house a few years during high school. To get a mental image, to get to where I was you went through the “house” (a ton of rooms made of plywood) walk outside to a kind of hall, around 2 corners to where my friend was hiding, turn, there i was hiding in a “church” and around another corner to where my other friend was hiding with a chainsaw. A few stories • Had an older lady (50s-60s) walk past me and she goes, in the most upbeat voice “I got so scared in there I almost FARTED!” to her friend. I had to take a minute. •There was some teenager guy going through, trying to be the Cool Kid, acting like a “badass” in front of his friends. Harassing monsters, trying to touch us, ect. The owner of the maze came through and grabbed this kid by his arm, and growls “If you touch my monsters, I’ll let them touch you.” Then he points at me in my zombie outfit. I bit down on the blood capsul in ny mouth and grinned. This kid PISSED himself and ran.

I miss working haunted houses.

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I worked a trail for about 9 years in several different roles. There are a ton of scares but one of my favorite times was actually a person not afraid at all. I was in the clown hut and kinda had a lot of freedom as to what I did. This group is coming and I got in position to swing down from a rafter upside down and scream or laugh or something so I pop down and I’m eye to eye with them but upside down. The dad mom brother and his friend all run backwards out of the hut but the younger sister who can’t be more than 7 just stares at me blankly and goes “you didn’t scare me”. Made my night ha toughest one in the family was the little girl.

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I was volunteering at a haunted trail when I was 12 because we had an assignment that entailed doing community service for school. Hearing this, I thought the best thing I could do was working for free as a zombie! What could be better?

So the night rolls around and I’m fitted with my zombie costume. We walk out into the woods where I’m led to my coffin behind a chain that separates the trail from the path that folks walk on through the forest. When the tour guide would show up with a new group of people, they would wave a flash light near me as my cue for me to pop out of the coffin and hit a fake dismembered leg against the side.

Night starts, a few groups go by and I’m feeling pretty good about the whole thing. About halfway through the night, I see the flashlight and do my usual routine. A little kid shrieks and for God only knows what reason, the kid’s dad looks at his son, looks at me and starts SPRINTING AT ME. He clears the chain easily, runs right up to me, pulls me up out of the coffin with his bare hands, puts his finger in my face and says, “CUT IT OUT!!!”
He then walks back to his son, consoling him, and they walk back through the trail. I was flabbergasted and I just left the trail right then and there, walking past groups in full zombie attire. I then walked home, took off everything and just sat stunned in my bathroom trying to make sense of everything/not cry.

To this day, I still have absolutely no idea why a guy would take his 5 year old kid into a haunted trail and start physically roughing up the ghosts and goblins working in there. I don’t know what happened with that father and son, but the attraction after me was a guy dressed as Leatherface, running out of the forest with a REAL chainsaw! Can only imagine….

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Worked at a haunt for 5 years. Had to quit after my last year cause of two incidences that i caused on accident.

Before the story, I need to paint a picture. I’m 6’4 and close to 400 pounds with a 2 foot tall mohawk at the time.

An older gentleman and his granddaughter came were making their way to my hallway. I stood in the middle of the hallway so they could see me in the strobe light then jumped in my pop door to scare them. pop out and they both stumble backwards into a corner.

So I pin them in the corner with my arms yelling that they will never leave because I’m going to eat them alive. The man’s eyes stared at me and slowly opened wider and wider before his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he slid limp down to the floor in the corner.

I drop the act and grab his hand asking if he is okay and he doesn’t respond. I yell for help and that we had a party down. The house owner and makeup artist come flying into the hallway telling me to get back. They call 911 an they get there a few mins later. The EMTs tell us that he is having a heart attack as they get him on the stretcher.

At that point i walked to the back room and sat down with a bottle of water and started to cry. I felt so bad that i took off my costume and left and never went back. Found out from a friend that the man came back a few weeks later to talk to me. He told them he felt bad that i quit and that out if all the haunted houses he had went too it was me that got him the best and he loved it.

I still feel bad for that incident almost 19 years later.

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