A Guy Tried To Shame A Woman At The Gym And Got Roasted Instead

Many people enjoy trolling others on the Internet, especially make fun of their bodies, but that is rather discouraging especially when someone is trying to get into shape. Going to the gym is really scary – you see so many huge weights all around, and you are surrounded by hulk like guys sweating and lifting weights like crazy.

Now if you are one of them, then its definitely not challenging, however, its a different story for women. One such woman was trying to get into shape, and had no idea that an idiot made a video of her while she was lifting and then posted it on Snapchat. This video even got to Worldstar Hip Hop.

Now, from the video, it seems as if she is using her vagina muscles for lifting, but those are actually quite strong, and this exercise is known as the Jerfferson Squat. She definitely doesn’t have the best form, but at least she is trying her best.

Take a look at the comments below which were posted in response to the video, and most of these comments are trying to shame her. However, later the guy himself got roasted, and even got called out for his minuscule biceps.











Its important to remember that you should work out at the gym, instead of looking at what others are doing. Its not a place to humiliate and shame each other, since everyone is at the gym for a common aim – to get in the best shape possible.


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