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What Was Steve Jobs’ Death Cause? WikiLeaks Medical Report Points Towards HIV!

The entire world was saddened on 5th October 2011, after they heard the news of the death of the then Apple CEO, Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was a great source of inspiration for a lot of people, even for people who were not interested in the latest technology.

People knew that Steve Jobs could contribute a lot more if he was alive for a few more years.

Hence, curious people began to research the cause of his death. If you search in Google, you will find that the answer is pancreatic cancer. Now, normally, everyone believes Google, and almost everyone did, but then one person showed that the information is false, and that person is Julian Assange.

Now, normally, everyone believes Google, and almost everyone did, but then one person showed that the information is false, and that person is Julian Assange.


1. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

WikiLeaks is a non-profit organization which publishes secret information on various trending topics in the world. Julian Assange is the editor-in-chief of this organization, and as you can predict, he had to go through a lot of troubles in the past. He is also linked with hacking several websites, including the Pentagon.

2. Earlier acts of WikiLeaks

Some of the best leaks made by WikiLeaks include collected secret ‘bibles’ of Scientology, Climate research unit emails, Australian email blacklist etc.
The main aim of this organisation is to reveal every secret information to the public since everyone has a right to know the truth. Their logo true depicts their motto.
They have published another leak recently, and this time it is a medical report on Steve Jobs.

3. Medical reports of Steve Jobs from WikiLeaks

According to the leak, there are two original reports of Jobs’ checkup. These were done on 1st September 2004. According to the reports, the checkup was done at SxCheck, which is an HIV testing company. However, the story doesn’t end here.

4. Pancreatic cancer not the cause of death?

We all know that pancreatic cancer was the main cause of Steve Jobs’ death. However, if the reports are true, then it seems that pancreatic cancer was simply caused by HIV and that HIV was the main culprit, not cancer.

5. WikiLeaks Honours Steve Jobs with Fake HIV Report

Many people didn’t believe the report and said that it was completely false since the company SxCheck itself was founded in 2004, whereas the date on the reports indicates the year 2004. However, another story claims that SxCheck didn’t publish the reports themselves, but was done under Adult Industry Medical Health Care Organisation, it’s parent company which was founded much earlier, in the 1980s.
While we are not yet sure what the truth is, Steve Jobs’ supporters said that this was extremely insensitive of WikiLeaks since they don’t have the right to reveal such personal information.

6. Steve Jobs was an inspirational person.

We don’t really know whether the leaked reports are true or false. However, there is no doubt that Steve Jobs was an extremely inspirational person. He has motivated many people and has contributed enormously to the advancement of technology, so he should never be trapped in any dogma.

7. Many leaks from WikiLeaks were proved to be correct in the past

They leaked during the Republican vote of 2008 that John McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin hid a lot of her data in a private email account. This account was mainly used to meet official businesses so that she could bypass the American public record laws.

8. Watch the video below to know the full story.

We should make one thing clear – we will still respect him the same way we have been doing for so many years, irrespective of his cause of death. But people will still try to find more since he was so popular.


9. Maybe they should the name of WikiLeaks to “ShockLeaks” after this incident.

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