The Bermuda Triangle is considered to be one of the most mysterious places on this Earth, mainly due to the fact that over 1,000 lives have been lost over the past century. Moreover, the bodies of the deceased were never found. However, it seems that the mystery has finally been solved.

The weather and clouds over the Bermuda Triangle have been studied immensely by scientists all over the world, and a shocking discovery has been made.


1. Scientists have been looking at the ‘killer clouds’.

Scientists believe that these ‘killer clouds’ are probably the main reason behind so many ships and planes vanishing in this region.

2. The speed of these winds is a whopping 170mph.

These winds are generated by a cloud envelope, hexagonal in shape, formed around this region. These winds can cause massive destruction, and can even turn over huge ships and crash planes.

3. The approximate radius of the clouds is around 20 to 55 miles.

These are found on the Western side of the Bermuda Triangle and are capable of causing massive destruction to any nearby object.

4. These images of the clouds were taken by a radar satellite.

According to the data collected, these clouds don’t have a specific distribution or edge, and it is extremely difficult to predict when they will generate in the future.

5. Scientists refer to these winds as ‘air bombs’.

These ‘air bombs’ can move up to 45ft in the air, and are capable of crashing huge planes as well. As an example, the speed of the wind generated in these situations is equivalent to the wind speed generated during Hurricane Katrina.

6. Several theories have been put forward over the years, with the aim of solving the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

This is quite scary, I have to admit.

7. Some people also thought about a magnetic theory.

8. Watch the video below to know some more theories regarding this mysterious Bermuda Triangle.




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