Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

20 Images That Prove Humans Are Weirder Than Animals

1. What is this strange animal ?

2. A leopard at ATM

3. Walking my computer

4. sells kids…?

5. That poor wheel chair

6. I’d like to see her face when one of her nails break

7. Because I am bored !

8. WTF ?

9. Strange animal spotted in the train.

10. Spongebob fanatic takes it too far.

11. Epic backpack !

12. Another weird creature !

13. Cheetos fanatic takes it too far.

14. Helmet is too mainstream

15. Umm, I’m speechless.

16. Blue whales are blue !

17. Got out of the jail

18. Another one

19. Is she going for a pageant show by any chance?

20. Because this is my style

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