Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

Always Remember To Check The Background Before Taking a Picture. These Are Some Epic Fails

1. When mirror did what they never expected !

2. Kngaroos photobombing her !

3. hopefully this is the only cr0tch shot this guy has ever secretly snapped.

4. when your kid throws a tantrum in a public place you can either comfort him or hurl him into the abyss.

5. let’s just hope this picture wasn’t posted anywhere his family might have seen it. “i swear, i don’t know how that got there. i was set up!”

6. that patriarch appears to have elephantiasis or something.

7. how did that mistake ever go unnoticed.

8. that is unfortunate, but it is the only way she will ever learn to take better photos.

9. the dresses at this event are fabulous, and so is that dude(?) coming out of the men’s room.

10. accidental but-t


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