There are several kinds of crazy things that you can actually get to see on Youtube. Apparently, a huge lot of people who have had enough of cat videos have decided to make and even share videos of some people getting king sized pimples getting popped or lanced.


This particular video clearly depicts a woman just getting lanced.


She has an extremely large sized purple or black blemish on her back, and the good doctor just cuts it open and then presses down, causing pus as well as blood to fly all over the place. Sounds so full of shit!!


While this particular video does not show it, the doctor should presumably have even applied an antibiotic and a bandage as well.


Watch the video till the end and you will surely understand it clearly.


So what actually is the reason for the cause of these monster pimples that are shockingly huge? First off, they generally are not really pimples, but basically are boils. Pimples and boils may often appear quite similar, but they have pretty different causes.


A pimple is generally caused by a blocked hair follicle that is fully clogged by dead skin cells and too much of oil.


Boils are caused by severe bacterial infections of the hair follicle, and Staphylococcus aureus or “staph” is usually the main guilty party. When a boil first starts to develop, it simply looks like a biggish pimple. It is raised and then red like a pimple. Over the course of time, the boil gets a lot bigger and ultra-huge in size. Sometimes, a group of boils will just grow together under a single head. That is basically called a carbuncle. While the carbuncles can form anywhere, they generally appear on the neck or the back, like the “giant pimple” on the back of that unfortunate woman.


While normal pimples can go away on their own, boils and even carbuncles actually need good medical treatment. The doctor will lance the boil, especially if it is pretty big, and then give the patient antibiotics to kill the bacteria that are present there. If a boil is left untreated, the bacteria can spread throughout the body and can even cause infections in the heart or even the spinal cord.

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