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Guy Finds 15-Year-Old Jar Filled With Witchcraft When Digging In landlady’s Backyard

Landlords are similar to mathematicians. You would definitely like to think that at least some of them are just normal, and not insane, and are well-adjusted individuals. However, truthfully, we know that when it actually comes down to it, a huge majority of them are completely stark-staring bonkers.

1. It is always very much exciting to uncover something that has been hidden for a very very long time.

It is just like all your childhood dreams of digging up dinosaur bones and buried treasure that are coming true. You might even find something really remarkable. You might find a missing piece of history there.

Or, even like Imgur user ValjeanLucPicard, you might also find something really kind of disturbing.

2. ValjeanLucPicard was just outside of his house in his backyard, and just engaged in digging holes to plant some nice beautiful flowers. A pretty strange thing as it seems to do, right? However, that is how all those horror movies actually start initially.

All on a sudden, his trowel had struck what sounded as if glass. Something was found buried in the backyard!

According to him he spent the next 20 minutes very carefully just digging around the cylindrical object that turned out to be a normal jar, with its lid taped shut completely and filled with something that was not clear in the beginning.

Naturally, his imagination was knew no bounds. “I figured it might be money or drugs or even a time capsule,” he said. Drugs would not be so damn great, but money could be or even a glimpse into the past? Exciting thing indeed!

But what he found instead was shocking! Way weirder than what he ever thought could be possible.

3. It was just another average day of gardening for Imgur user ValjeanLucPicard when his trowel struck something glass buried deep in the soil.



4. He had to spend the next 20 minutes digging it out. After all, it is not every day you come across such buried treasure right at home, isn’t it?



5. Of course, this “treasure” was not exactly what he, or anyone, would be expecting. He then pulled out this jar. It kind of looked like some old instant coffee jar.


6. And the lid had been completely taped shut. It was also full of something. Someone had clearly placed this jar in the garden on purpose.


7. And they wanted to make sure that the thing which was inside would stay there undisturbed



8. And naturally, curiosity got the better of him. Really, though, you can’t blame him. Of course, there is something to be said about not opening up mysterious containers.


9. This one was full of a strange, gooey substance that he describes clearly as smelling “sickly sweet” and looking like “runny marmalade.”

And that is not just even the weird part.


10. Also inside the jar, in the goo, was a photo.

It was a couple, and on closely inspecting, ValjeanLucPicard realized that he knew those people in the photo.


11. The woman was his landlord. However, it appeared like this photo was taken well over a ten years back.

At this very point, ValjeanLucPicard’s wife went to get the landlord. “She knew right away it was some brujeria.”

Brujeria is Spanish word for “witchcraft.”

12. In this jar was also some kind of fabric shred that they presume was sourced from a dress. There was even a slip of paper that had some writing on it that was now almost illegible.

They presume it was in all probability a curse.

So what do you do when you just discover a jar that is full of witchcraft in your backyard?


13. Well, you strike back with some of your own!

The landlord, who assumes this “project” was the work of the woman who resided in the building about 15 years ago, insisted the whole thing be burned at that very moment to “lift the curse.”


14. After the fire had burned out, the landlord just tossed some holy water over those ashes and into that hole where the jar was actually dug up.

And that is how this thing that had actually started out as simply beautifying this piece of garden changed into cleansing it of bad juju.

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