We all love pets animals. Particularly when it comes to Dogs and cats, we are just crazy about them. We treat them like one of our family members. They eat what we eat. They sit on couches with us and sleep with us on our bed. We feel so close to them that when we play with them we don’t feel awkward even when they lick us. You will be surprised to know that the kiss you share with your lovely pet Dog can be highly hazardous. Examples given below will make you understand how dangerous allowing your dogs to lick you could be.

Is your Dog’s mouth clean enough for you to kiss?

The answer to this question cannot be in affirmation. You cannot shadow your pet Dog all the time. Probably he is playing with the shit outside your house or meddling with the garbage in the bin on the road. He evens smells the other Dog’s droppings under the tree filling their nostrils with a lot of germs and bacteria.

You pet Dog’s mouth is not always clean and the fact is you cannot clean it every time he returns back after sometime. Dog’s mouth is highly harmful to adults as well as children. There are many examples that can be quoted to prove that Dog’s licking is dangerous.


Contact with Dog’s mouth… what it can do?

Ring infection which is highly contagious is formed when the human skin comes in contact with Dog’s tongue. Ring infection can occur in multiple places on the skin. Basically falling under fungal infection category, it spreads very fast on the skin. Once established it can affect the other parts of the skin, nails, scalp and hair spreading in a rapid manner. Ring worms can cause itching sensation that can be highly irritating


A Dog’s lick on the cheek can cause such severe bacterial infection to make a hole on the same. Such type of severe bacterial infection is called Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, short form of which is MRSA. This is very strong bacteria that spreads in a fast manner and does not get treated with many antibiotics. MRSA affects the bloodstream infecting the dog-licked area affecting the Urinary tract and lungs. If unattended to on time in a proper, MRSA can be fatal.


Coming in touch Dog’s mouth causes another infection named Staphylococcus Aureus. It is a bacterium that forms in grape like structures that spreads fast through air. It also spreads through the saliva of the affected person. Severe form of this bacterial infection causes severe abscesses in the skin.


Capnocytophaga Canimorsus is the worst kind of infection that one can experience in life. This severest form of infection is caused when a Dog is allowed to lick an existing wound. Once the Dog licks the wound, this bacteria spreads all over the area in such speed that people tend to lose many organs. Some even lost their fingers and legs to this severest form of bacteria

Stop your Dog from licking you. It is more serious than one may think.

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