Some ailments cripple our routine life. They tend to exercise so much of control over even our normal activities that we feel some miracle happens to keep this disturbing medical condition away. Particularly when the ailment is not a danger to life but a nagging problem, we really feel a lost. Diabetes in particular is one such nagging disease that affects out food habits and life style. With all the medical advancements man boasts of, it is really surprising that no medicine has been found for the widely prevalent slow killing Diabetes so far. This is no more the story.

#1 The medicine is found

Salvador Chacon Ramirez, president of the Foundation “Vive your Diabetes” and Lucila Zarate Ortega, the president of the Mexican Association for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases have come out with a breakthrough announcement about a new medicine that shows positive improvement in Diabetes patients. While the medicine does not cure Diabetes completely as of today, high hopes are set that there would be advancements in the future.

Doctor Jorge Gonzalez Ramirez, who has created this vaccine, which is in fact more of a therapy, says he feels excited that standardization of a single saline solution for all types of Diabetes like the congenital one, gestational one, Diabetes type 1 and 2 makes him feel happy.

2. The encouraging procedure

Both the Doctors who have been involved in this research have clearly explained the process for ever one to understand it clearly. In order to test the new vaccine found for treating Diabetes, approximately 5 Cms of blood was taken from each patient on whom the test was to be performed. Around 55 milli litres of the blood solution was injected back in them.

3. The real magic

The blood taken from human body is stored in the refrigerator at 5 degrees centigrade. Due to the change in the temperature from human body to 37 degree centigrade the shock is created. This shock makes the problem into a solution by itself while correcting all possible genetic and metabolic mistakes present inherently.  A vaccine thus created once remains intact for 60 full days and the therapy is one year long.

This medical process that can save millions of lives is not just a vaccine but a magic in itself.

4. Watch This Video Now : Detecting diabetes in children before symptoms appear

Scientists find markers that make it possible to detect type-1 diabetes in children before any symptoms appear. Much research is still needed but they hope this discovery could lead to a vaccine in the future. Amy Pollock reports. Credit to Reuters.

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