Pokémon Go Player Finds Massive S3x Toy In Park And Banter’s Overflowing

Pokémon Go Player Finds Massive S3x Toy In Park And Banter’s Overflowing

Well, I guess you will just hate it feel extremely disgusted when you are actually trying a lot to mind your own business trying to hunt a damn rare Pokémon in the local park but all you can find is a huge, 18 inch double-ended s3x toy instead. Sounds so disgusting, is it not?
A 15-year-old Lewis Oxley was left in complete shock and awe when he happened to stumble0 upon a rubber diIdo at Hexthorpe park in Doncaster, South Yorks. Poor lad, he did not know what was coming.

Naturally, the very first thing he did was hurriedly take out his phone so he could post a picture of it on the quite obvious Snapchat.
He captioned it: “Randomly find this in Hexthorpe Park.”
Oh man, just look at the size of it…
The people of Doncaster take some satisfying diIdo, it actually seems.
Lewis even went on to say: “I just couldn’t believe it – I was in a bit of shock.
“I didn’t know what it could have been really, I had to do a double take – it must have been at least 18 inches.
“I was in total shock at first when I realised what it was – it was rather a large one but I didn’t touch it for obvious reasons.
“It was weird because it’s a popular area and people use the park all the time.
“It could have been anything, a snake – or a big stick. It was just funny and I started chuckling to myself after.”
This particularly disgusting but rare Pokémon has finally been found and has left this young man in total shock.
Dickachu, is that really you?

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