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Can You Solve This Equation That is Dividing the Internet ?

Hardest Equation Ever!


Are you interested in maths? Then take a look at this mind-boggling equation which has made the internet go crazy.

2. Give it a try

Look at the equation below. It probably seems quite easy initially.

3. But its not that simple

However, as you start solving it, you might get stuck at some point. Lets check which part is the tricky one.

4. The first part is very simple

You will be able to solve the first part in no time, its really simple. Just add all the numbers and the result is 17.

5. The second part is more difficult.

The second part might seem a bit harder, since you are probably confused whether to multiply first or add first.

6. B.E.D.M.A.S

You have probably heard the term BEDMAS before which stands for Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Adding, Subtraction. You need to solve equations following this order always.

7. The final answer is 30

If you multiply first and do the other calculations correctly, you will get the correct answer i.e. 30. Doesn’t seem so difficult now, is it?

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