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Good Samaritan Saves Two Teenagers From Car Wreck And As Thanks They Rob and Shoot the Man

1. Chadwick Garrett lost his life after he tried to help two teens.

Chadwick Garret, a 45 year old construction worker, saw two teenagers who SUV was stuck in a ditch and decided to pull over to help them.

2.Michael Dupree-Tyler and his accomplice had no problem when Garrett wanted to offer them help.

But once he got the car back on the road, they shot Garrett and not only left him severely wounded but also stole his belongings as well before running away.

3. Deon Antonio Frasier and Dupree-Tyler both have been charged with murder

You would be surprised to know that at that time he was out on bond after having a stolen vehicle with him. Its really shocking to know that they could commit such a crime even after they have been in prison before. It is really a tragic story.

4. Watch This Video Now : Good Samaritan Warns Boys Playing With Guns In The Street

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