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American Student Who Went Missing In 2004 Could Have Been Abducted To Teach North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un English

Remember David Sneddon? He was an American student who went missing in 2004 under mysterious circumstances, when he visited China. People believed that he has probably died, but new sources reveal he might still be alive.


A Japanese news agency has reported seeing Sneddon in North Korea. According to that agency, he was abducted by North Korea to personally teach English to their emperor, Kim jong-un.
Choi Sun-yong, who heads the Abductees’ Family Union, stated in the report that he David is currently in Pongyan and has a wife with two children.


If this report is to be believed, then it also proved that Sneddon’s parents were right all alongwho never believed that his death was caused by drowning in a river in China’s Yunnan province. They believed that Korea kidnapped since he was quite fluent in Korean language, which he learn when he was working in South Korea.


David Sneddon’s mother, Kathleen Sneddon said that although they don’t have any official proof, they still believe that their child is still alive. She added, “He has probably become an English tutor there. That is the only possible explanation.”

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