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It’s Happening! A Child Who Might Be The First Of A New Human Is Living In China.

You will be completely shocked by the abilities of this young boy. He is a living proof that evolution is still occurring in human beings, and he is one of the first of many such human beings to come in the future.

3. Evolution

Evolution is the main factor behind out existence in this world, and according to the theory of evolution, it has not stopped, it still continues even today.
Evolution is a slow process, and in most cases, the changes are too insignificant to be noticeable. However, exceptions do occur, as a young boy from China has shown, who is a living proof of the majestic feats that are possible via evolution.
Read on to know how evolution has completely changed this boy.

2. Seeing in the dark

This is NongYousui, a young boy who lives in the city of Dahua in China. From the outside, he looks exactly the same as an average human being, however, his eyes are completely different from the average person. They are actually blue.
You are probably thinking that Western people have blue coloured eyes so it is not a big deal, but having blue eyes in China is rather unique. However, that isn’t all – he can actually see in the dark!
Read on to know how he does that.

1. As clear as day!

This might sound impossible, but it’s actually true – this boy can see in the dark clearly as if it is the day.
This has been tested several times, and he has passed with flying colours every single time.

Although we are not yet sure how he is able to achieve this feat, some people believe that his eyes are similar to that of a cat’s which shines backlight. No one has been able to verify that yet. Watch the video below to know more.

0. Bonus Video

Now watch this video : Human Magnet

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