Most of us resort to the process of tooth filling due to gaps or holes in teeth or even due to tooth decay, but there are several health issues after getting your tooth fixed. Let us have a close look at those in a nutshell.

1. Silver fillings are generally used in order to fill the teeth, by dentists. However, it is in use still today.

2. Silver filling is a cheap process. However, the type of metal used can cost you a lot.

3. The amalgam that is used contains mercury, silver, copper and tin

4. The reason for using mercury is that it is soft enough to be placed in the filling quite easily. But it has so many harmful effects.

5. Most of us have heard of mercury poisoning and it is a very dangerous phenomenon.

6. The result is that you can be highly affected by small and slow poisoning of mercury.

7. Immediately contact you dentist and get that thing removed for good.

8. Watch a video

Expert Parents Pull Daughter’s Tooth

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