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Boyfriend Doesn’t Pull Out On Time, See How His Girlfriend Reacts

Most of us have come across pranks. However, the prank mentioned here is the king of all. This particular prank will surely make you think twice before even trying it on your girlfriend. The results may be just a tight slap in return.

1. Things started off quite well in a normal manner.

A YouTube user by the name of Mystic GotJokes made up his mind to make a prank on his girlfriend and that too when they were having sex in the bedroom.

2. What was to follow?

After she hopped off, the boy starts smiling and chuckling and this makes his girlfriend quite curious. Now the very next moment the girl asks why was he actually laughing? The boy then starts to talk about planning a family, and that too 9 months from now.

3. What the hell are you talking about?

Well, yes! This was the very first reaction of the girl with a slap to his boyfriend. Then she started screaming out at him and even called him reckless and that he was going to ruin her life. The joke then turns out to be on him.

4. His girlfriend hardly cares about what the boy seems to say.

The boy tried his best to explain to the girl that it was not intentional and it just happened by accident, however, the girl is not at all ready to hear even the single word from the boy’s mouth.

5. Finally, the boy reveals the prank.

Ultimately the boy has to reveal the cameras and then he apologizes for playing a prank with his girlfriend. He then says that he did not come at all, but she seems not to care and then just leaves the room.

6. Watch the video



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