Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

Completely Unexpected Truths People Confess About their Grandmas

1. Only regret

Seems like many people will have this regret in life.

2. Grandma plays a prank

And that too on her own grandkid!

3. Granny gives the right advice.

Granny is 90 years, but has immense knowledge on this topic!

4. Grandma knows what’s best

Your grandmother knows you really well, and you are guaranteed to receive the best gifts from her!

5. Drink You P*ssy

When you are depressed, even vodka tastes like normal water.

6. Grandma knows everything

Grandma always knows everything, even the fact that his grandson is gay. This is the universal truth.

7. No need to be concerned.

Your granny’s age is insignificant; as long as she’s young at heart, she isn’t going to die anytime soon. Don’t worry.

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