Acupressure is helpful for the achievement of relief by an easy means. Acupressure can be understood as an important means that can perfectly help you to lose weight. You can start by massaging the mentioned areas that are listed below. Other than helping you to lose weight it will help to increase blood flow to all the organs of the body.

Most Important Acupressure Points to Lose Weight – Best Massages

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1. Abdomen area:

This exact position is almost 3 cm below the belly button and is very useful to lose weight as well as relieve constipation. Press this area up and down for at least twice a day.

2. Abdominal sorrow point:

This place is on both sides just at the end of the rib cage. Pressing this point can lead to relief from stress, acidity, gastritis and many other digestive problems.

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3. Ear points:

This pressure point is exactly located at the top of the jaw bone where maximum movement occurs. It can help you to reduce your appetite if you press this area.

4. Knee point:

This point is located about 2 inches below the knee cap and is used to relieve digestive problems. What is more, it also helps in the proper movement of blood in the blood stream.

5. Elbow point:

This point lies in the inner side of the elbow. This point actually helps in stimulating the function of the intestine. You can use the thumb to apply pressure on this point.

6. Ankle point:

This point helps to relieve problems related to the spleen when you press here. This point is situated 2 inches just above the exact ankle. Apply pressure on this point for a m minute before releasing slowly.


With the help of the above mentioned technique anyone can easily help to improve the blood flow to all the organs of the body. What is more, acupressure helps to heal and repair various organs of the body.


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