Look at your wrist; you should find there are certain curved or horizontal lines, which divide the palm from the remaining part of the arm. These lines are known as bracelet lines, which, rather surprisingly, can be used to predict a lot about a person’s health and financial condition.

Read on to know more.

1. Line 1

Most people usually have two or three bracelet lines, but the most important one is the first line. It is an indicator of how the person fares in his life in terms of health and social activity.

2. Line 2

If you find that the second line doesn’t have any gaps and is completely straight, it means that you will lead a happy life in future, and more wealth will come your way in the future.

3. Line 3

If the third line doesn’t have any gaps, that mean you will become an influential person if future, and people will remember you for a long time for your work even after your death.

4. Line 4

This line is not so significant as the others, and it strengthens the effect of the third line.

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