Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

She Vanished Without Warning In 1850, Then Years Later Something Unique Happened!

Life is but a collection of stories. These stories can be tragic or even full of romance. Here we have the story of Olive Oatman and how she had to undergo several transformations when she lost all her family members slowly and gradually. As a matter of fact, the stories written on life can be sometimes the best perhaps.

1. Meet Olive Oatman

Olive was merely a young girl, when she had to face a lot of atrocities in front of her eyes. Her group of Mormons was all killed by the Mojaves in the 1880s. Except her younger sister all were mercilessly killed.

2. Adopted

There was a peculiar contemporary custom at that time. According to it, someone who was white was to be adapted to their way of lifestyle and culture.

3. Death of Olive’s sister

The little sister of Olive died just after Arizona saw a severe drought. The entire tribe went through severe hunger and her sister died.

4. No family members left

Since olive had no family members left she decided to completely mix with the tribe. Rumors have it that she married a Mojave man and had children.

5. Tattooed

She even got herself some tattoos when she understood that there was no way of returning back

6. Rediscovered by the Whites later

The whites discovered her existence after a number of years. She was then made to come back to their civilization. Since she had forgotten English by then she had to face several problems.

7. Eva Tool of ‘Hell on Wheels’

The character of Eva Tools is based on Olive Oatman.

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