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Shocking Moment Girlfriend Catches Her Boyfriend Cheating Before Being Run Over By Her Love Rival

This one is a quite shocking incident of a girlfriend who was almost hit and run over by another woman who was caught with the boyfriend of the former one.


The woman is clearly visible lashing out at the lover of her partner, and then smashing the window of the car. And just after that she is run down by the car and left with a severely broken leg.
The shocking incident that took place in Tennessee was captured on the camera of a smart phone from a window just across the street. It was then uploaded to a video sharing site.


This shocking footage from Tennessee clearly shows the moment a girlfriend caught the boyfriend cheating on her before attacking him at the very next moment. Just after that a car can be seen being driven by the other lover.


During the beginning of the footage, the girlfriend can be seen in a white t-shirt who is talking to a man. The man appears to be her boyfriend standing just next to a black car in the corner of the parking lot.
The people who capture the video of the whole incident on the camera feel as if they will watch them kill each other. The girlfriend starts lashing out, and can be seen throwing a few items from her car at her boyfriend.


Sometime later she takes another object from the black car and after that runs to the other side of the parking lot. There she hurls the items at the lover’s car that is just off camera.
A heavy noise can is audible and just after this the silver vehicle pulls into the frame, and drives straight towards the exit of the parking lot.
The girlfriend seems not satisfied with the damage she has already just now caused, and then the girlfriend picks up an object and just hurled for another throw, but narrowly misses the back of the car that actually stops.

In the video the girlfriend is visible smashing the back window of the car of her love rival just before the other woman begins to reverse the car towards her.


The girlfriend can be seen being almost hit by the reversing car and gets floored by it before being dragged under the wheels of the car literally.

The girlfriend next does a very big mistake by walking behind the car in order to pick the object back, during which point the lover again begins to reverse back into her.
This causes the girlfriend to lash out over again, and this time she breaks the back windshield of the car.
The lover can then be seen putting her foot down completely and reversing over the woman, hitting her and dragging her under the wheels of the car in this process.
As the camera zooms around the girlfriend, she can be seen trying hard to get up off the road but she tries in vain before collapsing back in pain.
When the footage further zooms in it becomes clear why the heck she cannot stand upright. This is because her foot is completely twisted around sideways due to the collision that had apparently broken her leg.


The girlfriend is then left with a nasty looking broken leg that was caused on account of the attack. After that her boyfriend then attempts to comfort her.
The car of the lover then again goes to drive away. However, it stops, and two women are seen climbing out before attempting again to run over to where the wounded girl is seen lying on the road.
But before they can get there actually, the boyfriend halts them and forces them back into the car, before going back to attend to his wounded woman who can be seen screaming in pain.
Less is known about this shocking footage that was filmed two days back and then uploaded to Liveleak.


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