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Guy Bets Friend He Can Get His Mom To Send Him A Dirty Snapchat

A few weeks back I would think that this was just another ridiculous bet. Why anyone would let their own Mom get a damn Snap chat! At a friend’s wedding party this weekend my friend was actually getting Snap chats from the Mom of another friend of mine.


Not Snaps as this one. These guys have taken it to another level. The OG post actually read “My friends Mom came up, partied with us number of times and kept hitting me up after she left. A few guys believed me but it wasn’t until Johnny said I couldn’t get his Mom in a million years to piss me off enough to do it.”


He said that at first, he was going to get it $500 bucks or 2 months of almost free rent if he could get his Mom to send him a nude pic. Finally they ended up deciding that he got the bigger room when he had got it. He would have done almost get it done for fcucking just for free.


This particular guy even pulled a Babe Ruth. He always called his shot almost all the time on Twitter.


He seems to be bold, confident and rigorous enough to share all the details on social media.


The lady even said on social media that she was also thinking about calling him the MILF HUNTER.
It just took a few days and this dude just succeeded in dirty Snap chats with the mother of his friend.


Again, it is surprising that why would anyone actually want your friend to get some nudes of your Mom. Well it really seems like the real lose, lose situation.


He showed the picture to everyone and posted it on Twitter and even got a bigger room.


The picture had circulated on Reddit for certain obvious reasons. People are really freaks and wanted to track the mom down in the Snap chat. They are not to be blamed.

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