If you have this plant in your house, you will never see Mice, Spiders and other insects again

Bugs are really bugging. We feel so much disturbed by small creatures like Mice, Spiders and other insects at home that we do everything possible to get rid of them. The irritation they cause with their presence freezes our movements and we tend to yell at anything and everyone around. Statistics show approximately 200 million speices of insects survive in our earth now. These insects cannot be got rid of since they are quintessential right for the decomposition of the organic substance to polarization of plants. However useful such insects are it becomes inevitable to keep away from them because they are capable of causing skin allergies and other breathing issues in children and adults. Here is a plant that repels away insects even from entering the area you are in.

Spiders hate Pepper Mint Oil

Spiders are one bunch of insects that run all through the walls and floors causing fear and disgust in the minds of people around. Get rid of loathsome Spiders which hate the rancid smell of the Pepper Mint Oil. Take 10 to 12 ounces of water and mix 12 to 15 drops Pepper Mint Oil. Mix well and using a spray bottle sprays in all areas where spiders are found. Ensure this mixture is sprayed particularly on the cracks in the wall, bathrooms and ceilings. Doing this once every week, keep spiders permenantly away from you home.

Mice dislike Pepper Mint oil

Mice actually do not irritate but sometimes makes us do high jumps across rooms. They not only meddle with our things damaging them but are fatal when we come in touch with the urine and droppings of Rodents that are infected with a fatal virus named Hantavirus. The fragrance of Peppermint repels away Mice. Take medium sized cotton balls immersed or drenched in Peppermint oil and keep in multiple places across the house. Alternatively you can opt for Fresh cab Rodent repellant Peppermint pouches available readymade in the market. Replace once every month to get rid of mice once and for all.

Don’t kill them. Just get rid of them

When we get irritated by insects and cannot stand them anymore, the first thing we feel like doing is killing them. Insects are ongoing recurring disturbances and so we cannot keep running behind them and kill each and every one of them stopping all our other important work. Peppermint is a deep fragranced plant that repels away insects. Grow pepper mint in your garden. Make Peppermint spray mixture and spray frequently on the windows, door and wall corners. Keep cotton balls dipped in Peppermint or Insect Repellant Peppermint Fresh Cab in nook and corners of your house to get rid of the insects in a legal and ethical manner.

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