When did you last have a dream that you are falling from a great height or just stumbled upon? Well, in this case when you are seeing yourself falling from a height, you usually get up before you actually fall in your dream. But have you ever wondered what it actually feels like when you happen to actually fall off from a great height? Well, let us have a quick glance what you may actually feel like when you are actually falling off from a great height.

1. You can fall a bit faster before you can think:

Well, in the brain signals move at one meter per second that is pretty much slow. So, if the fall is a small one you may hit the ground before you can even grasp that you are falling from a height.

2. You may survive if you are full to the brim with alcohol:

It is often said that if you happen to be drunk under the influence of alcohol, your body may tolerate the stress and injuries that you sustain after falling from a height. But this fact is not based on true scientific findings.

3. You seem to weigh more:

Suppose you are falling from an airplane, and that too without using a parachute, then you may weigh 7500 times more and your brain may only weigh about 10 tons. Interesting, is it not?

4. Cells may start bursting:

When you are falling like a free falling body, your cells may burst out and the blood vessels may get torn causing hemorrhage.

5. Aorta may get torn:

The Aorta, which is the largest vessel, that actually pumps blood out of the heart may get torn apart.

6. Skull may break into pieces:

Well, when you hit the ground the skull may shatter into fragments causing the Cerebro-spinal fluid and the brain to come out and splatter all over.

7. Internal bleeding may occur:

Due to rupture of blood vessels within the body, you may as well seem to experience severe internal bleeding.

8. Things may get messy:

When you fall from a great height to your death everything may not be okay. Things can get messy as you hit the ground like a free falling object. Your entire body can be ripped into parts and there may be blood all over the place.

9. No blood splatter may also occur:

However, in some cases, there may not be any blood splatter at all. There may be internal bleeding and organs may burst out on the inside but on the surface, there may not be any severe cuts that will cause blood splatter. This is far more dangerous.

10. Not faster than 118mph:

Well, if you are freely falling, due to the gravitational force of the earth, you can never fall at a speed more than 118 mph.

11. Water surface causes same impact like land:

Well, some people may think that if they fall in a water body they may be saved rather than falling on land. But let me tell you when you hit the surface of the water you may experience the same impact like a land. You may hit hard on the surface of the water and sometimes the damage may be more as compared to a land surface.


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