1. A little girl wasn’t able to sleep and had to stay awake all night because she was suffering from sinus infections.


2. She has chronic sinus infections and her parents used Neti Pot to help her, which can remove bacteria and snot which has built up over a period of time.


3. I am not exactly sure how they work so well, nor do I have any idea how much help it provided when the little girl couldn’t sleep at night, but this time, the situation was different.


4. This time, the sinus infection was the worst one ever, and after the Neti was used, what came out of her nose is shocking, to say the least.


5. Its almost impossible to imagine that from such a small nose of the little girl, something so massive could come out –now I can understand why she was suffering so much.


6. If this sort of thing repeats every few weeks or months, then after it comes out, the little girl must have felt a huge sigh of relief.

7. Watch the full video below.



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