#1 Holidays

Emily Gardner was on holiday with a family friend and two other girls, without her parents and siblings. Just a few hours after her dad got a text from her, Clive and Debbie Gardner, her parents, received the most unbearable news.

#2 Speedboating Accident

Their daughter had died in a speedboating accident. The boat overturned when breached by a powerful wave off the coast of Brixham. Emily was wearing an extra-small wet suit, but she had been given a useless extra-large buoyancy aid, for a 50-inch chest – not a life jacket. One of the straps got caught on the cleat of the speedboat, where ropes are attached, holding Emily underneath. The other people on the boat escaped, but lifeboat crews couldn’t get Emily out for another 25 minutes.

#3 Emily’s Law

Emily’s parents have taken to activism to warn the public of the dangers of unrestricted speedboating and have campaigned for stricter safety legislation for privately-owned speedboats. They want ‘Emily’s Law,’ to provide stronger maritime regulations. “We want speedboat drivers to have compulsory licenses and for it to be the law that all passengers wear proper-fitted life jackets,” said Debbie. “We’ll make it our mission to stop similar tragedies and to prevent those left behind from falling apart like we have.”


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