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Young Woman Working As A Nanny Received Pictures From Father. How She Reacted Is Amazing

A young woman who worked as a nanny ran into an awful predicament involving the man of the house. Would you agree with what she did in response?

#1 I’m Appreciated For The Job

I am a nanny. I have been working for this family for one and a half years now. They have three wonderful children, the parents treat me well, and I genuinely love this family. The mom, let’s call her Mom Boss (MB), is particularly great. She and I have always had an open line of communication regarding the kids. She trusts me and makes me feel appreciated. This is the best job I’ve ever had.

#2 It All Started When She Downloaded Snapchat

I recently downloaded Snapchat. My best friend just moved away and we thought it would be a cute way to stay in touch every day. When I downloaded it I saw that the Dad Boss also has Snapchat. I did not select him as one of my Snapchat friends, though. But two or three days ago he added me and I accepted. I figured he’d just want to Snap some pictures of the kids or something. But last night he sent me a picture of his ##### via Snapchat. It was 100% unprompted and I was shocked. DB has never given me any indication that he…l dunno, is attracted to me? A total creep? Anyway, I screenshotted it and now I’m here.

#3 Not Sure What Really Was Going On

So as I understand it, Snapchat informed DB that I screenshotted the #### pic but he hasn’t said anything to me. I was not 100% convinced it was actually meant for me but I am 100% sure it was intended for someone other than MB because she doesn’t have Snapchat. DB wasn’t at work when I arrived the following morning. It was unusual & he tried avoiding me as much as possible. Mom Boss seemed totally normal and unaware.

#4 Should I Tell His Wife About The Pictures?

I was at a loss and didn’t know what to do. I knew that it would come out one way or another and I’d lose my job. I knew I couldn’t survive more than two weeks without it. But obviously I care about Mom Boss and the kids and if I was married to and raising children with a ####-pic-sending-creep I’d wanna know about it.

#5 His Wife Is Mad Furious

So what I did was, I told MB about it. She was furious at her husband for what he did and told me I did the right thing by being honest and caring more about the childrens’ lives than anything else. I know I can’t work there anymore, and MB was kind enough to help me find a new job as a nanny with one of her friends.

#6 Did I Do The Right Thing?

I know their marriage is on the rocks now because of what I did but I think I spared MB and her kids a life of lies and misery.
I couldn’t not say something – my conscience would kill me. I hope I did the right thing?

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