Bizarre, strange and unbelievable

It Could Be Worse

Maybe your day isn’t going so well, and you are frustrated. You need to get over it, and if you ask why, just take a look at the pictures below which show that there are countless people who are having a worse day than you are.

1. Most people wouldn’t have proceeded after failing for the second time, but if that works for you, fine.

2. She’s wearing red – that might be a consolation.

3. Someone takes a photo of you instead of helping – literally the worst situation ever.

4. The best funeral home insurance policy! If you are not sure that they are dead, we will guarantee that!

5. I am not so sure how he will get down now.

6. Good luck having that soup now.

7. How did the cheese end up on that side of the bread?

8. Driving so far onto the guardrail – this requires some serious talent.

9. If it’s any consolation, they’re already at the auto shop.

10. I am quite sure that is not how one should use the escalator.

11. Just for consolation, remember no one will notice you crying if you stay in the car during the carwash.

12. That shoelace probably isn’t coming out of that ever.

13. Ouch! That hurts.

14. How can someone design it in this way?

15. You went too far.

16. You will become a great artist someday, but maybe stop ruining the computer screen?

17. That car is history.

18. Really feel sorry for that guy.

19. We definitely won’t judge why you are working here.

20. Now that looks like an excellent haircut!

21. They see me rollin’ …

22. Now, he has to drive his car really slow to get that gear fixed.

23. His face reveals everything.


25. Maybe grab it with a spoon before it melts?

Do you feel better now?

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