Sleep is critical to our survival. Those hours that we spend sleeping at night help us restore the energy and power in our bodies so that we feel completely refreshed the next day. Sleep deprivations can not only affect our bodies, but also our mental state. Russian scientists decided to conduct an experiment on five people regarding sleep deprivation – find out what they discovered in the next page.


During the late 1940s, five men were chosen by the Russian government, who were thought to be enemies of the country, for an experiment involving sleep deprivation. The main aim of the experiment was to test an experimental gasclaimed to completely get rid of the need of sleep in human beings, which would be given to those five men in small doses


Those five men were kept in a sealed room, so that none of the scientists get exposed. Also, the prisoners could communicate using microphones. The room also had a toilet, a cot without any bedding, water, books to read, as well as food which would be enough to last 30 days for each of them.


For the first 3 days, nothing happened out of the ordinary, the prisoners were promised falsely that if the experiment ended successfully, and they didn’t sleep for a month they would be freed. They were monitored 24/7 and the scientists found out that the prisoners began to speak more and more about their past traumas. This increased as time went on.


On the fifth day, the prisoners began to speak about the incidents which led them here, and also began to show paranoia. They also began to conspire against their fellow prisoners instead of talking to them – which shows that they thought they would be freed if they betrayed the others.


They began to scream from the tenth day. One of them ran all across the room for 3 hours, non-stop, screaming all the time. His voice obviously couldn’t maintain that tone for so long, and it soon got reduced to squeaks. The doctors said that denoted his vocal cord tearing up. But what is interesting is that other prisoners didn’t respond at all to him screaming.


The prisoners stopped speaking into the microphones soon. The concerned researchers told them via intercom on the 14th day that they would free them if they cooperated with them properly. Their response was – “We don’t want to be freed.”


On the 15th day, the gas stimulant was replaced by fresh air, to which the prisoners begged them to return that gas back. Soldiers were sent to take the prisoners out – they were horrified to find that one of them was no longer breathing. That prisoner hasn’t eaten anything in five days and pieces of flesh were missing from his body, which clogged the drain causing the room to get filled with 4 inches of water.


In fact, flesh was missing from those prisoners who were alive as well and those wounds seemed to be self-inflicted. None of the soldiers had to courage to take them out. When attempts were made to retrieve them, they turned violent, and one of them got killed. They were asked why they were behaving in this manner, when they said that they need to stay awake.
The soldiers started shooting at the prisoners at the end. When only one was alive, one of the scientists asked him, “What are you?”
The prisoner then replied while smiling, “How can you forget so fast? We are you.” He was then shot in the chest. The final words of that subject were “So… close…to…freedom”.


We don’t know for sure how accurate this historical story is, but everyone will admit that this is absolutely horrifying.
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