MASSACHUSETTS– 26 Year-Old Lamar Hickson is accused of causing one of the worst highway accidents after stopping in the middle of the highway to catch a Pikachu.


Ever heard of a bizarre incident where a 26 Year-Old man is the cause of such a stupidity that he causes an accident and that too due to his childish behavior?! Lamar Hickson who is a 26 year old man is the prime accused when he caused one of the worst highway accidents in history. Any guesses what he did?? Well, he just stopped in the middle of the highway and what he wanted to do was catch a Pikachu.


Lamar Hickson finally confesses to the police that he was actually playing the brand new application of Pokémon app game that is better known to all as “Pokémon Go” and that too in the middle of driving on the highway. According to him, to catch them all you have to risk it all. So he better thought of putting the car in park and the next thing he did was start tossing the balls. Can you imagine that?


Although the charges against him are still unknown, none was fatally injured hurt but this actually raises concerns about similar accidents that may happen anytime in the near future. When spoken to another car victim he even claimed to have been playing the same bloody game.Source


Officer Fredrick Jones said that texting and driving was already a serious issue, but this one seems to be even worse. According to him this mobile game can increase the number as well as frequency of accidents by multiple folds.
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