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These Dead Bodies Are Lying On Mt. Everest For Years But What’s The Reason?

One of the most uncommon, yet great passions that some people have in themselves is mountain climbing. Mountain climbing is indeed a passion among a huge lot of people nowadays. Many people have the dream to win over the Everest. They want to conquer their fears and be bold and courageous enough to conquer the 8000 meters high peaks of Mt Everest.

However, a huge number of mountaineers have lost their lives in the process of conquering Everest due to the fact that it is not an easy task and the path is not at all easy to tread. Still, the first love of each and every mountaineer is mountain climbing.

But the bitter fact is that most of the bodies of those who died trying to climb Mt Everest are lying there on Mt Everest. This is mostly due to the fact that the weather conditions there make it almost impossible to retrieve the bodies. Although it is quite dangerous to retrieve the bodies, some expeditions are carried out at times to retrieve them after identifying them.

Now, let us have a glance at the dead bodies of some persons and the underlying stories that led them to their death.

1. Green Boots:

Tsewang Paljor was an Indian mountaineer, who is also known as green boots. It was his bad luck that his entire team was caught in a storm and he got separated from his team. In order to protect himself from the cold, he resorted to a cave for shelter.

It was here that he breathed his last.

2. George Mallory:

Although the first man to conquer Everest in the year 1924, George was never recognized until the year of 1999.

3. Unidentified body:

One body is still there lying unidentified.

4. Francys Astentiev:

This lady was trying to climb Mt Everest along with her husband in the year 1999. They had been searching for each other after getting separated. It was then that her husband fell off a cliff and succumbed to his injuries.

Her husband’s body was finally identified in the year of 2000. She had died in the cold suffering from frostbite. Francys was the very first American woman who had climbed Everest without the bottled oxygen.

5. Unknown body:

There is another unidentified body that has already mummified due to its lying there for so long.

6. Shriya Shah-Klorfine:

Shriya Shah had in all probability reached the summit of Mt Everest in the year of 201 and might have spent approximately 25 minutes of her glorious conquer over Everest. It was while descending that she died out of exhaustion. Her body still lies there below the summit of Mt Everest warped in the Canadian Flag.

7. Unknown body:

An unknown body lies a few meters below the summit of Mt. Everest.

8. Hannelore Schmatz:

She was basically a climber from Germany, who breathed his last in the year 1976. She had perhaps wan ted to take a nap resting on her backpack and never woke up again.

9. Unidentified body:

There is one more unidentified body lying at the summit of Mt Everest.

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