You might have seen these in the woods at some time. They resemble dead human fingers, don’t they? Don’t panic and definitely don’t touch them.

1. What Are They?

They definitely resemble fingers which are rising from the ground, but they actually are fungus. And because of their look, they are also known as “Dead man’s fingers.”

2. Resemble two hands

They grow separately as well as in a bunch, and they sometimes resemble two hands, as shown in this picture.

3. Habitat

The botanical name is Xylaria polymorpha, and they originate from bases of tree stumps which are injured or are rotting, and also decaying wood.

4. Distribution

They are mostly seen in forests and woodland areas. You will find them in Ireland and Britain, along with mainland Europe and several parts of North America.

5. Related To Truffles

Despite being related the family of the morel and the truffle, they are inedible.

6. Colour

Their colour varies from black to brown with shades of green and blue on the outside, but on the inside, their colour is completely white.

7. Towards the end

As their lifespan comes to an end, they resemble something that your pet dog often leaves behind in the backyard.

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